A short list with web sites which add value to the life of a DataFlex developer

  1. Data Access Worldwide
  2. The developers of the programming language
  3. DataFlex Reddit
  4. A reddit for DataFlex
  5. DataFlex Wiki
  6. Store your DataFlex knowledge in the wiki
  7. Frank Cheng's DataFlex collection
  8. Frank Cheng has a collection of DataFlex pecularities
  9. RDC Tools
  10. The people behind the QuizMaster Manager project among others

VMware must visit sites are:

  1. VMware
  2. The company behind it all
  3. PlanetVM
  4. PlanetVM from the all round friendly Tom Howarth
  5. William Lam (formerly Virtually Ghetto)
  6. William Lams brilliant hacks for VMware
  7. Virtu -Al
  8. Alan Renouf of the famous Powershell scripts and nowadays Product Manager at VMware